cURL error7 When Updating from 9.0.8 to 9.0.10

Hi all,

I get the error below when trying to execute the OwnCloud updater from the admin panel. Any assistance would be appreciated. I am running 9.0.8 stable and am trying to update to 9.0.10.

Hi sir babadook,

Have you access to command line?

Also it would be good to know how did you set up your owncloud

Hi Dmitry,

Thank you for your response. I do not have access to the command line--how do I obtain that? (I'm a noob.) The updater from the admin panel used to work fine until recently.

I set up my OwnCloud by upload the tar.bz2 file to my webhost (DreamHost) via FTP--let me know what other information you'd need.

Can you connect via SSH to your server?

Sorry I don't have much experience with hosted setups


I think I am able to do it via PuTTY on Windows. Is there something I need to do via SSH in particular?

You could do what is described here: