Database deleted but still remembers username?




I had OC 6.X installed and running for years and just now thought I'd finally upgrade to version 9.

I had to do a complete new install.

I didn't mind re-creating the users as there were not many. I have the files saved locally currently.

However, something went wrong along the way and this is currently where I stand:

I have the latest version (on CentOS) installed:

Package owncloud-9.0.4-1.1.noarch already installed and latest version

Also in there are the latest files.

I deleted the database as I wanted to start from scratch.

Also, there is no config.php file, only the sample config file.

I can log in as one of the users I previously had (but not as admin as password doesn't work), and add other users as well.

I can upload the files to that user and connect to it via ownCloud client.

How is this possible? Where is the username/password stored? And where are the data files stored? As I mentioned, I deleted the database and copied the data folder over to local drive.

I would just like to have a clean installation of version 9. Is there a way to reset all settings and re-install?

I tried searching for re-install steps here but it recommended to remove the config file - which I don't even have at the moment!

Please help!


You have probably more than one install on your server. There must be a config/config.php in your owncloud-folder when your setup is running. The path to your owncloud setup must be linked somewhere in your apache config. A local search tool (locate or find) can help as well.


Thank you for your reply.

As a test, I uploaded a file with a random filename (7M2A4229.jpg)

When I try locate 7M2A4229.jpg I get an empty result! I am really baffled.


It did turn out to be 2 instances - sorted now! Thanks!