Default_sync_root on config. file


In one of my synchronised computers there is a “0\default_sync_root” variable in the owncloud.cfg file. The corresponding folder is not synchronised but created at each session login (Ubuntu 22.04 Gnome). As this “0\default_sync_root” does not exist in the config. file of other computer, can I simply remove the line in the config. file or is there another way to remove the folder (and variable)?


What version are you using? The bug should have been fixed in the meantime, i.e., the latest release, 3.2.1, should no longer do this.

Please do not edit this configuration file yourself.

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Owncloud 9724d6
Librairies Qt 5.15.5
OpenSSL 1.1.1q 5 jul. 2022
Using virtual files plugin: suffix

I use to work with command line on linux, so I could not help but search and open the config. file :frowning:
I have the same Owncloud on two computers with the same Ubuntu and the config. files are different ! It’s a bit wird and it’s tempting to remove the line 0\default_sync_root, but I would not get bigger problems…




I did it: I edited and removed the line 0\default_sync_root in the owncloud.cfg file and… nothing changed, the file is re-created at the login with the default_sync_root, the corresponding folder is re-created, and Owncloud 3.2.1 works fine. As I wrote this behavior appends only one on of my computer using Owncloud 3.2.1. Is there more needed information to solve this?

Thanks for your help,

Tbh I am not clearly understanding your problem that you try to solve. The meaning and usage of that config value depends on the server “kind” (PHP vs. Infinite Scale) you’re syncing against.

My advise: Just forget the entry and let the client manage the config file for you automatically. Manipulating the config is not advised.



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