Demand for multi-user system

Boys use a multi-user system, I would like to know if there is the possibility to create separate folders for each user and date not a single date folder for all users

There is no such possibility in ownCloud. However you can mount different partitions to the /data/$username/files folder if you want to split the files on different partitions / filesystems.

I have a separate home for the users, so you say to create the data folder in the user's home?

You shouldn't mount e.g. home folders into ownCloud where changes happen outside of ownCloud. The reasons are explained here and alternatives are shown:

ok, so better to leave everything as it is ... but I doubt ... the primary user will have configured a mysql database, other users on the database does not exist, right?
Or if you manually create a new database, then how do I add it to another user created to own?

more than anything I want to create users who have a prprio database for the user principal separate backup (that would be my) do not know if I get a good idea