Dependency question wrt Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

I have just installed Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and as part of the installation, I accepted the LAMP packages. I then performed a package update for the entire installation.

I now want to install own cloud but have noticed some differences in package versions between the OC 9.1 admin install doc and what was installed in the LTS version. As one example, the OC install doc cites PHP 5, and Ubuntu LTS installed PHP 7. there are other differences as well.

So my question is: Given that I did the Ubuntu LTS install, what OC package should I get so that I don't have any dependency conflicts or problems ??
I think this is appropriate but I need some guidance - or tell me another way to do the install....
(specifically the owncloud package Ubuntu_16.10 owncloud-9.1.3-1.1 which, according to the manual, will do a complete installation with all dependencies)

The problem that I foresee is that the dependency trees are out of sync between Ubuntu and OC and it may be a problem that is very difficult to solve....

Help/Guidance on this issue is greatly appreciated.

Clarification: After following the embedded link, one should choose Ubuntu as the distro, and the first paragraph is the owncloud full dependency package.

BTW what is the 'direct download' link for? - I guess to pull down the package to install them from a local disk as opposed to over the net from the repository?

Yes, thats correct.

Yes, thats also correct.