Desktop Client 2.4.1 final released

5th of March 2018: We've released the final version :slight_smile:
Download and ChangeLog:

EDIT: Previous message for RC1:

Hi everyone,

We've released version 2.4.1 RC1 (release candidate) of our desktop sync client.
This is a bugfix release on top of the 2.4.0 client. You should upgrade to get some nice fixes.

Download and ChangeLog:
Discussions here on ownCloud Central:
Bugs/Issues on GitHub:

Please help us testing it. You can expect the final release next week..

Thank you for using ownCloud :slight_smile:


If you're using the Desktop sync client, please help us test the 2.4.1 rc1 that will become the 2.4.1 final soon.

ESPECIALLY if you are on Windows. Because we want to try if someone can reproduce this issue during installation:

If you see this empty installer window, then do as Samuel recommended and open Windows task administrator to observe the status of the process and potentially sample the process.

Downloads and ChangeLog at:

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thank you,

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