Desktop client can not connect after password has been changed

I am using NextCloud 13.0.1 and several devices synchronize data with it. Everything worked fine until I used the web interface and changed my user’s password. Now the Linux desktop client can’t connect any more, although it asks me for the new password. Every other device, no matter if Android or pc, can access the server as before using the new password.

Even more strange: if I create a new account in the desktop client, same user, same new password, it connects to the server again, but as soon as it is supposed to list the data on the server, the client again states it can’t connect to the server.

What is wrong there? Why does the desktop client have this problem, while no other connecting client does not have it?

Duplicate of your first topic. You are still in Probably, you are looking for here:

Now you completely confused me. Why is my browser telling me it is connected to the address

and the tag line states that this is about the desktop client?

I think the main issue is hat you’re mixing the ownCloud client with the NextCloud server.

As probably no one in here has the knowledge about NextCloud (because this is the ownCloud support forum) you get redirected to the NextCloud support forums where you can get help for this product.

I understand your point. But as far as I know, there is no NextCloud desktop client yet for Linux, you have to use the OwnCloud desktop client.

Even if there is no NextCloud client and you need to use the ownCloud client i think no one can guarantee you compatibility with both products. :confused:

There might be even an issue in the NextCloud server (e.g. with the password change) causing this seen behavior.

I checked nextcloud desktop client repo. Like @wolfgang_k said, translations are pointing here as help service.

So then i think the question is: Is this correct? :slightly_smiling_face: