Desktop Client for RDS (Terminal) Servers



This is a usage question: How can I configure a Windows Desktop client on a multi-user Windows (RDS) system.

Syncing every user's OwnCloud sync folder on a RDS (remote desktop) server is just not a good's a certain path to problems (disk full, roaming profile issues, etc.)

I think I'd like to configure Desktop clients (users) so they can see and access their OwnCloud databases, but NOT actually sync data locally.

I believe this is how Mobile clients work. Can I make a Desktop client work like a mobile client?

I think I'd just like to present a 'pseudo-folder' to the users, without all the actual data being sync'd locally to the (multi-user) RDS server.

Does anyone have a clue for me?

I do believe that this is an important use case for OwnCloud, if it can be configured to work this way. I don't think Dropbox can not do this...

Thanks in advance,


Sounds like you just want to use WebDAV. Which works in Windows 8+ or you download a decent one like Cyberduck.


Thank you very much. This, indeed, looks like a great solution. I followed the instructions here.