Desktop sync client does not display folders in alphabetical order



Steps to reproduce
1. Open first tab on owncloud sync client (Win or Mac)
2. Check for sorting of available folders

Expected behaviour
Available folders should be displayed in the same (alphabetical) order as they are when using web-access.

Actual behaviour
Folders seem to be sorted A-Z, then more folders follow, again sorted A-Z

Client configuration
Experienced on 1.8.0 (my first use) through 2.2.3 beta
Client operating system: Windows and MacOS
Does appear on 8 out of 8 desktops I have checked.
Does NOT appear on 6 out of 6 Android or iOS client.

The issue does not seem to be related to the server-setup, as it appears on all 5 ownclouds that I use as a user.
All are hosted at different hosts with different setups.

Feature or bug, what's the case?
Am I the only one unhappy with this?

Thanks for your feedback,

Link to screenshot



any chances that there are also shared folders in between? If yes this might be the following issue:

which seems to be fixed in the upcoming 2.3.0 release (and only with QT 5.2.0+)


After further "investigation", I noticed that all folders beginning with capital letters are listed A-Z, then folders beginning with lower case letters a-z.


I would suggest to wait until 2.3.0 is out. Seems the issue is also not only about shared folders.