Diagnostics module in Owncloud

Owncloud 10.2.1 (stable) is working splendid on Ubuntu 18.04.1 lts…
I started to use the Diagnostics module for one user from my list.

The result in the owncloud.log:
“message”:“count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable at /var/www/owncloud/apps/diagnostics/lib/DataSource.php#129”

Line 129 in DataSource.php: $totalDBParams += count($sqlParams);

Anyone can help?

How can you reproduce this issue?
I’ve installed and enabled the Diagnostic app for a user in my 10.3. installation without problems, so perhaps you need to upgrade?

I will try. But feels like leaving the stable release without a solution.
Thank you.

I’ve upgraded to 10.3. First had to remove video player with OCC.
Now market: Gallery does not show the collection of images anymore; only thumbnails and full images.

10.3.0 has been released so it’s the new stable release

Gallery app is no longer supported with version 10.3.

Perhaps I didn’t ask this the right way: I was wondering if you did anything specific that would trigger the error and if you could provide detailed instructions so I can try to reproduce it.

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Problem was I get a message in Owncloud whenever an APP is upgradet, but not when it’s not longer supported. Is it possible to sign up for Owncloud upgrade / update release notes?
Thank you for the response.

Unforuntately I don’t think this exists, I would always recommend reading the following page before an upgrade:

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