Direction of Sync

I just installed a new OC 10 and wanted to sync my contacts and calenders with it. But the server always wins, my contacts and calendars are now empty.

I cannot figure out what to do to get a syncing direction from a client to the server. Is there an option that the server accepts incoming data from a client and not sending out his empty address book and his empty calendars and destroying what is already on the client?


i haven’t found such a possibility in the past in ownCloud and created the address books and calendars in ownCloud and pushed the existing data from my clients “up” to ownCloud.

That’s what I’ve tried and expected - that my local data would sync to the server. But instead nothing appeared on the server but the local data were deleted.


but then i think you have connected an already existing address book and calendar with the newly created ones of ownCloud and then i think the ownCloud ones are “winning” and the local ones are deleted or am i wrong?

I did this the other way around:

  1. Having and existing address book and calendar filled with data locally in Thunderbird
  2. Created a new address book and calendar in the ownCloud Web GUI
  3. In Thunderbird created a new address book and calendar (without any content / not the ones of 1.) and add the CalDAV and CardDAV address of the ownCloud ones to them (the ones i have created in 2.).

Afterwards i have copied the existing calendar and contact entries from my local existing calendar and address books (the ones of 1.) to the ones which are synced to ownCloud (the ones from 3.).

For syncing i’m using the setup mentioned below with ownCloud 10.4.1:

You’re right, OwnCloud was “winning” and the data were deleted locally. That was my problem - no way to configure OwnCloud to accept what the client is offering.
Your way of importing data is a good idea - I will give it a try! Thanks!

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