Disable autosync of new folders?

Hello community,

is it possible to disable the auto-subscription and -download of new folders using the desktop client (version 2.6.0)?

Let’s say I subscribed to/downloaded the (shared) folder structure project_A/folder_1, all is good as long as there is no new folder project_A/folder_2. As soon as project_A/folder_2 is available, the desktop client downloads the new folder automatically, which I might not be interested in.

One way would be to set the maximum auto download size in the extended settings to a very low value. But that only counts for new files, right?

Is there any other way? Might there be a server setting to accomplish this? Or would this be a feature request for the next (major) release of the desktop client?


@denissen you can set maximum auto download size to zero. Does users have to accept new shares on your instance?

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@michaelstingl No. We configured one shared folder where all departments have subfolders and can manage their own structure.

Would setting the maximum download size to zero also prevent creation of new folders? And wouldn’t that trigger a “Please confirm to really download this file” when a new file is created in project_A/folder_1?

Unrelated to files. Only new (sub) folders need approval in the desktop client settings

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I will suggest this internally.

Just to be sure: this also effects new subfolders for folder_1 (eg. project_A/folder_1/subfolder_foo)?

Yes, this is the way it should work. If this isn’t the case, please report back, and we’ll have a look.

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Hello @michaelstingl,

auto-download of new subfolders (eg. subfolder_foo) works as expected. But what is undesired (and I think I must talk with my colleagues first) is that folder_2 is automatically downloaded the moment it is available for download.

I’ll get back to this topic next year.


Could you write the exact steps to reproduce?


We have one big shared folder, “company_share”. In this folder we have several projects folders: “project_a”, “project_b”, “project_c”.

When using the desktop client, I choose to download only “project_a” and “project_b” (with all the subfolders). “project_c” is not downloaded (as expected).

Now there is a new folder “project_d” which is downloaded automatically.

If I understood correctly, “project_d” is downloaded automatically since I downloaded “company_share”. To prevent this, I can set the maximum download size for folders to 0B. But this would also prevent desired new subfolders for “project_a” and “project_b”.

How can we prevent downloading “company_share/project_d”, but notcompany_share/project_a/subfolder_1” and “subfolder_n”?

Okay, got it. You can’t have different behaviors for different folders.

We work on the implementation of virtual file system to help with such use cases:

On macOS and Linux, we still rely on placeholder files. that might be too confusing for regular user:

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