Disk activity while "idling"


I’m just starting using owncloud on my “home server”.
Performance is good, and I’m getting used to everything it does and can do.

The system consist of a standard HDD (specified for NAS use), combined with a low-power Celeron board and running on Debian 10.

For power efficiency and hardware wear, I would like my HDD to spin down and sleep whenever it can.
Since the owncloud is just for personal use, it would only need to “wake up” when we access it.

Often I catch my server with the HDD LED steady ON (or almost steady), when there is no one accessing it.
Using iotop I found out that the mysqld process is keeping the harddisk busy, having two processes writing about 500kb/s combined. Of course 500kb/s is peanuts for a normal server, especially when old data gets overwritten, like for a circular log file.

Can someone please help me to get rid of these (unnecessary?) HDD accesses, and save some energy?

Thanks in advance!


I’d like to suggest to look for running queries with “show processlist” or mytop.
mysqltuner might also bring some light to the scene

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