Docker hub owncloud -> owncloud/server migration

I recently had to upgrade my owncloud instance cause it was on 8.1.9 and trying to keep my clients back became very tedious. Originally running on ubuntu 14.04, i’ve migrated it into docker using the docker image available here: (marked as deprecated, but the new repo didnt have 8.1.9 so i had to start somewhere).

Took a bit of work (and i still have my 8.1.9 installation just in case), but i now have that running and i’ve managed to upgrade all the way to 10.0.10 (latest available in the deprecated docker hub image) - The latest tag is 6 months old, yet the hub image keeps saying its only a couple of minutes old, so im not sure what that is about.

Now I want to upgrade past this which means moving to the new docker hub repo ( , Firstly the repo itself doesnt have much in the way of inforatmion. Im also struggingly to find anyone who’s made a post about going through this process and none of the doco I can find has anything to say about it ( for eg says nothing about doing the upgrade or migrating between the images and the main owncloud doco for using docker I cant find any mention of it).

I’ve tried multiple times to simply upgrade my installation using the new docker hub image, but the closest i’ve come to it results in the web interface working fine until i try and access any of the actual files in owncloud at which point I get a 404 (even though the directory structure seems fine). This seems to suggest the DB is intact, but for some reason it cant find the actual file store.

Im using sqlite db and i have a small 2 user base. I dont use any additional apps. Anyone had to do this migration and have any hints worth giving?

Edit: im not using docker compose and i believe with the image, the files are supposed to be under /mnt/data/files

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Eventually solved it myself, all the accounts had a location for their files coded in the database that was wrong

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