Does this scan and import existing server files?

Hi, I could not find in the documentation anything about if I build this over an existing file structure if it will automatically import them. The sub folders are located in the same location as I would be installing ownCloud.

THanks in advance for any responses.

Edit: Cant respond since new account, but I did a quick install over existing sub folders. It asks for a /data location on install so I selected one of the drives I have mounted to public_html/storage/ and it does not appear to import those files into the front end.

Edit #2 Yes I meant various files mounted in a sub dir of the OwnCloud public_html folder. Sorry for the confusion.

Yes it will. Any existing file structure will be scanned and imported on a fresh install. Or at least it was the case in the past.

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IIRC you mentioned “server files”, but now you’re talking about external files/mounted drives.

Thanks for the quick help!

Corrected the first post to better explain what I meant :wink:


i don’t think that this will work as you’re expecting it. You probably need to make your filesystem structure to fit how ownCloud is expecting it and then scan for new files via the occ files:scan command line tool to make them available within the front end.