Dont synch files *mwb

Hi everyone.
I have a problem with synch .mwb files.
I changed *.mwb file on my PC and Windows Desktop Client dont synch him (error log in my owncloud client:
File has changed since discovery). On the Owncloud Server's this file disappeared. If i upload this file via web interface it synchronizes again on the all hosts.
i watched in permissions on synch files and didnt find prohibition on the .mwb.
What can i do?

Server configuration

Operating system: CentOS 6.9(Final)

Web server: Apache 2.2.15

Database: mysql Ver 15.1 Distrib 10.1.28-MariaDB

PHP version: PHP 7.1.13

ownCloud version:10.0.2 (stable)

Client configuration

Client version: 2.4.0 (build 8894)

Operating system: Windows 10

OS language: Russian

Installation path of client: C:\Program Files (x86)\ownCloud

Problem decision:

I did installed oldest version client (2.2.2)and all work.