Duplicate/Ghost folders appaered



Recently, I have a lot of duplicate folders appeared on the web interface. But not on the server.
There are like ghost files.
I tried occ files:scan and occ files:cleanup too… But it didn’t fix this bug.

How to fix it, please?
Morever, I don’t want to loose shared links…
I tried to truncate oc_filecache, it fixed this bug but broke all shared links. I don’t know why.
I put back the dump that I made.

Is it possible to fix duplicates folders without break shared links?

Thanks all.

I have Owncloud on Debian 9.1

Edit: That I don’t understand… All shared links are still in oc_share. All token are still in this table. But when I click on a link, I have the error message Not found file. But I see this file on server, on web app and I see its token in oc_share… Cache problem?
Help me please :frowning:


Sorry for the duplicate post, but is there anyone to help me, please?
I’m desperate :confused:



maybe you can help yourself by not using such an outdated version of ownCloud which could show unexpected things: