E2eeshare installation

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to install e2eeshare on an ownCloud 10.4.1. This app is not tagged as Enterprise but when I try installing it I’ve got:

e2eeshare: Installing new app ...
e2eeshare: Please enter a license-key in to config.php

It looks ownCloud is waiting for an Enterprise license key, am I right or should it be an e2eeshare license ? I doubt about that seconde idea since there is no link, no doc explaining how to buy this license.
I know it’s not an official ownCloud app, but someone might have an idea on how to solve this.


thank you for noticing this and bringing it to our attention. I have contacted the developers of this app.

You need a license key, that you get from epicshare via ownCloud Presales Team presales@owncloud.com to use this app.


Hello @dmitry

thanks for your answer and the info.
Is it possible to update the information on the market to be more clear on how to use it ?

Yes, I requested the info of the app to be updated.


Hi cs35,

This is unfortunately an issue with the Marketplace App where AFAIK only two licenses are available: Open Source and OCL, where the latter requires an active enterprise key.
Since e2eeshare is not Open Source it only can be filed under the OCL license ATM.

In any case, e2eeshare is available for testing (with restriction to localhost as server name) when you download it directly from the market place and install it manually: https://marketplace.owncloud.com/apps/e2eeshare - sorry for the inconvenience.

For testing purposes no license key is required at all.

We are in contact with ownCloud to find a solution for the Marketplace App issue.


Hello @cortho

thanks for your explanation and your time !