Error on upload

Hi guys, I've setup my server on Ubuntu 16, with owncloud and xampp running php latest. I have the mobile app and when I take a pic it should upload automatically, however I keep getting upload failed with no reasons. It seems it can't create the folder "InstantUpload". Permissions are set to 755 for the data folder, I can manually create folders myself but not named InstantUpload, not a big issue as I can change the location but just for peace of mind what have I missed?

Please fill out the issue template shown when creating a new thread. Also see this FAQ which holds a lot of info about upload issues:

Hi thanks for the reply

Their not big files tho, its 1 image taken from my phone camera that won't upload and create the InstandUpload folder. I assume its a permission thing. What would be the correct permission for the Data folder (Sourced outwith the owncloud folder), I have it set for daemon and 755?


Just can point you again to:

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