Error sincronização

I have a following problem, from time to time my hosting gives problem and when it comes back the recent files that are there replaces what are on the local machine, this is if you have 3 folder there and 4 folder here in place the fourth folder in place is deleted and this harms me because the current correct is that it is here in the local 4 folder .. and there only has 3 because the hosting for some problem had to restore a day before and lost files and back as it was before only I am with new file in place and instead of updating to onwcloud it does on the contrary leaves what is there also in the place deletes the current one of the place .. how to solve it? to keep the site updated and make copies to the clouds without erasing the site and if you delete a folder there in the cloud do not erase the site but instead put it back in the clouds.preciso of this help