Error while retrieving shares

beim Versuch, Dateien in der Gelarie-App zu teilen (OC 10.010), erhalte ich die obige Fehlermeldung. Kennt jemand das Problem?

I’ve been trying to share files (OC 10.010) through Gallery app but I get the message
Error while retrieving shares. Can anyone help?

Please give more information about your setup

it’s OC on a MySQL DB, PHP 7.2. I have enabled to share via link in the sharing settings…
It might be a directory problem as OC is installed in a certain directory (/htdocs/wolke) on the webserver. If this is the case the question would be how/where do I have to tell OC it’s a different directory?

At least you should exactly explain what you did, what happened that did not meet your expectations. Otherwise nobody can help.


Found it, haven’t enabled the share app (gosh). thanks anyway