Errors after installing on Raspberry Pi

Hi, I have installed OwnCloud for the first time on my Raspberry Pi. After that I got some issues:

  1. The test with getenv(\"PATH\") only returns an empty response.
    I read that I have to add the line "env[PATH] = /usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin" in the www.conf file but I cannot find the config file.

  2. Some files have not passed the integrity check
    ".htaccess": {
    "expected": "blablabla",
    "current": "differentblablabla"

  3. The "Strict-Transport-Security" HTTP header is not configured to at least "15552000" seconds

I cannot find what I need to add and where I need to put it.

Sorry but I am really a newbie. I use nginx as web server

  1. Please get in touch with a community dedicated to your used environment (e.g. They can help you to find the config file and to configure this. If unsure also just ignore this message as oC will use sane defaults anyway.

  2. See

  3. See

Especially the messages in 2. and 3. are already pointing you to the linked documentation above.

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