Errors with Ubuntu 18.04 Installation Example

Hi all,

I’m new to ownCloud and decided to start with the (very neat) Ubuntu 18.04 Installation Example as I that’s what I wanted to use anyways. However, running through the process I encountered two errors in that guide:

In the section “Set Up a Cron Job” the “sudo -u www-data” ahead of the chown commands is not necessary and actually doesn’t work. It works fine without them because as of the header we are running everything as root.

The script generated in the section “Finalise the Installation” will practically render your server useless when run as root. The problem is that variables are expanded when cat-ting to the file (ocpermissions), and therefore result in empty strings. When run (as root) the script will chown files all around the server. I ended up reinstalling :slight_smile:. To get it to work you have to disable expansion when cat-ting by putting single quotes around the delimiter:

Thus replacing
/bin/cat <$FILE
/bin/cat <<‘EOM’ >$FILE

that should work. But I didn’t test yet as I am currently setting up the server again.

Maybe these issues can be changed in the doc to help the next guy setting ownCloud up.


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Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

We will deliver a fix shortly.