Expand VMDK / Storage

Greetings, I have an OwnCloud server running with version 10.0.10-2019-02-18

I have used the VMDK file provided by OwnCloud to set up my server. I allocated 500 GB to the disk size but it seems it has pre-allocated only 50 GB to the server. I am unable to edit the hard drive space in VMWare (even with the server turned off). I also see that the provisioning type is set to “Sparse” which I’ve never seen before.

How do I go about utilizing the full 500 GB I allocated for use to the server? The server is already 97% full.

Thank you for your time! I’m not that savvy with Linux either. We are about 99% Windows based in our environment so forgive my lack of knowledge.

I never used the VMDK, what Linux distribution is being used for this?
You will most likely need to ssh to the server and check whether LVM is in use and how the partitions are set up.
Commands like lsblk and blkid might help

Thanks, @Pikmin

Here are the steps I had to accomplish with the help of one of our Linux gurus in the company:

  1. Deleting the virtual disk that was allocated as /dev/sdb and creating a new IDE drive with a 600GB partition
  2. Removing the VG with vgreduce --removemissing --force vg_ucs
  3. Using vgmerge to take all that fun new space and recreate vg-ucs
  4. Utilizing fdisk to re-imagine the extended volumes of /dev/sda based on what I found here- https://help.univention.com/t/how-to-extend-disk-space/10647
  5. Extending/Re-sizing the physical volume and the file system associated with /dev/mapper/vg-ucs_root and associating it with the new drive
  6. Reboot