Expiration Date for Users


is there a chance to get an expiration date function also for users ?

This would be a helpful feature for using ownCloud with many external users and an additional security feature.

Thank you.

Best regards. Holger

Hi Holger,

Depends on what you want to achieve.
There are a bunch of occ commands that could be helpful in programming a little cron one-liner to automatically disable inactive users:

A one-liner could look like this:

occ user:inactive 90 | grep uid | awk '"'"'{print $3}'"'"' | while read user; do occ user:disable ${user}; done;

I would recommend to only disable users, as their data would immediately get deleted if you use user:delete

Make sure you test your cron job properly in a safe environment before accidentally deleting/disabling production users.


Super. Perfect. This works for me.

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