External Local Folder - No permission to upload or upload or create file

I’ve configured my OC virtual machine to allow external data from local sources on the server.
When I create new folders on the underlying Linux OS, I can’t map the folder as a local external folder.
I can map pre-existing folders on the local external configuration, but when I access them on OC client, web or desktop, I receive a message saying I don’t have permission to upload or create new folders.
How can I add the right permission to the folder so OC application has access?
I’ve looked into all the available info I could find and gave www-data ownership of that folder but got the same result.

Up, any recommendations on configuration or troubleshooting?

If you would have filled out the template we would be able to help you. The most important information that is missing is, which operating system you are using.
So please fill out the template, it helps people help you here.

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Thank you,
I’ve created a new topic following the template as best as I could.

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