External Storage Groups


I need to give access to external storage to all users but a specified group.

I didn’t find a way to do it :

  • in gui : !Group didn’t work
  • using : files_external:applicable --remove-group UnwantedGroup 1 is to remove an added group but not to block access

Is it possble ?

Thanks for your help



Have you tried to select the other ones here?



Thank you for your help.

I have created two same external storages :

  • one designed to be used by everyone : in your configuration informations I give user’s credentials
  • one for a specific group

The problem is :
the specific group to have to see the “all users” external storage.

This is the reason why I am trying to configure this all user external storage with : everyone but a specific group.

I need to display my second external storage to : all but a group (I only see how to display for a specific group)

Note : owncloud is mapped to a Samba domain controler on ldap database : I have no existing group containing people I need

any idea ?


is this what you want or don’t want?

One suggestion -> create another group, an extra group, and put all the users / groups you want to have access in that group but the one that should be excluded.

Then give access to the new group.

This is the only way : very long beacause not existing on my ldap / domain control and new users will be created ?

I just need : display to people not belongs to group1

Sorry the specific group don’t have to see the “all users” external storage.

-> If this is the only way I will try it. I have to check if new users are created to add them to this new “virtual” group.

New users would not be created.


you have group1, group2, group3

you don’t want group1 to see the external storage

put group2 and group3 to group external by creating a new local group and putting group2 and group3 into it.

now grant access only to group external, which contains group2 and group3 but not group1.

group1 can not see the external storage, group2 and group3 can because they are in the group external

I understand your solution :slight_smile:

  • but groups are created on my domaine controler
  • I don’t have the “external” group on my samba server
    -> so I had to create it and the samba will populate it with users present on group creation time
    -> future user will not be added in “external” group

This is the reason why I am trying to do it with a group to exlude.

If owncloud can’t do it, I will use your solution and trying to create an update script for my external group

You can create groups in ownCloud too :slight_smile:

Yes :slight_smile:

I was just trying to find another solution.

I don’t realy understand why it is possible to select people because they are of a group and not the reverse thing. (people that are not of a group - like a !groupA in programmation language)