External Storage SMB mount empty if browsed via Android App



Owncloud 9.0.2

LADP Users from LDAP Server OK
External Storage configured via two options.
One with same shared user/password and one user based.

When browsing Owncloud via web browser all runs ok.
When browsing folders via Official Ownclod Android APP, the external storage folders based on username shows empty.

This is external configuration.

Translated from Spanish:
External Storage:SMB/CIFS
Authentication: Session credentials, store on session
Config: Server IP + $user
Available form: LDAP Group.

This only happens when browsing via the App, if using any web browser (IExplorer, FFox, Chrome, etc.) the personal folder ($user folder) shows it's content.
The other external storages (same server but common username/password ) runs OK on App and shows it's content properly.

We think this could be a bug.



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