File does not match checksum

Hello All

Getting issue as " File Doesn’t match Checksum "

Server configuration

Operating system :
Web server: apache
Database: My SQL
PHP version: 7.0
ownCloud version: 10.0.10

We had set up the server in ubuntu 16.04

Checksum errors are evil. Finding the actual cause is non trivial. They never happen when we tried to provoke them with corner cases, race conditions etc.

Repair on the other hand is quite easy, with one caveat, unfortunately.

The caveat is, that after doing the above, we cannot say if the files are actually corrupt or, if it was just metadata that got corrupted. Please make a list of the “fixed” files, and try to verify them manually or otherwise. If you log in to the server, and dmesg or smartctl show you disk errors, then it is more likely, that the files are actually corrupt, and the checksum errors are actually “correct”.

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Did you modified the files over the webUI or an app, that changed something in the storage, that could be one of the reasons.

If you are sure that the files from server are correct you could run an occ files:scan --path [The path where you have the problem] but that will remove all the server checksums and will be downloaded to the client (this is only a workaround but not solves the problem).

Additionally: the first error you have listed in the picture, means the file you have in the client has a different structure but with the same name, example: File.txt and file.txt (Microsoft does not handle that problem correctly)

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@cdamken and @jnweiger
yeah it working ,I just ran the sudo -u www-data php7.0 occ files:scan --all command it’s working now . Left over files are downloaded .


Bonus points for verifying that files are all intact.

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I think I’ve identified a condition that can trigger this. In files that have embedded metadata, if the metadata is updated but the file size is unchanged - I think this is linked to occurrences of the checksum mismatches on my system. An example is audio files with embedded image data.

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