File Locking App




I'm searching for a solution that allow on OwnCloud to lock files when necessary.
The scenario is the following: I'm going to use a file and I don't want that other users can modify that file during my editing. I'd like to have a mechanism that make me undestand that that file is being edited.

I've seen that for version 7 of Owncloud there was a File Locking App that seems to do this (

Is there a solution for new version of OwnCloud (version 9.1).

thank you!



you should take a look at the docs:
Here should be described how you implement file locking.

EDIT: No, it isn't in the docs. You need this app:


This is currently not possible in ownCloud. An existing feature request which needs to be implemented by some one is available at [1].

Additional note to this:

This app never did what you're expecting and is also still available in ownCloud 9.1+. Its just not an app anymore but directly included in oC [2].