Files aren't synchronized to my desktop client

My organization has shared a folder with me. While I can access all the files inside the folder through the browser version of ownCloud, some files just don’t appear in the desktop client. The client marks the folder as fully synchronized, but some important files don’t show up.
Nothing seems out of the order - no error is detected. The only odd thing is that the client shows the changes other people make about the files which don’t show up in my desktop client - apparently the client somehow detects the files, but doesn’t care to download them to my computer.

I’m using Windows 10 Home (version 1909) and the latest version of the ownCloud desktop client (version 2.6.3)

Hi Julian,

With the client open, hit F12 to open the logging window. Enable logging, and then when some logs are gathered, post them up here to see if anyone can help.

What storage is used on the ownCloud server? Mounted external storage?

Does the files show up in the desktop client after browsing them in the web UI?

Then you can find the solution here: