Files can be seen after rsync


I install my owncloud to move my data from gdrive to my owncloud server.

I use:
rsync -az mygdrivefolder /var/lib/docker/volumes/ownclouddockerserver_files/_data/files/xavier/files
to store my data on owncloud.

The rsync works properly but when I look at owncloud on my webpage, the modified files are not here.
What should I modify to see my new files on the webpages ?

Point 1: docker volumes should be treated as a black box. You don’t know and don’t care about where the information is stored. Obviously, touching something inside the black box is BAD
Point 2: ownCloud’s data folder should also be treated as a black box. Same reasons as above.

There are several (probably slower) alternatives:

  • Connect ownCloud with your gdrive account via external storage, and then move the contents to your ownCloud.
  • Since you have the contents already downloaded locally, use the desktop client to sync your gdrive folder into ownCloud
  • Manually upload each file via web interface (I don’t think it’s possible to upload folders recursively due to browser limitations)


from what i have seen in the past (e.g. Copied files on HDD does not appear on Ownlcloud web nor Desktop recently) the question about files not showing up after manual copy into the data directory is asked over and over again while being already answered in around 30 threads and within a separate Why does my files I put into datadir don't appear in ownCloud? FAQ.

I’m not sure how this situation could be improved?

Fully true! sigh

I think, this situation is by design.
There is no problem at all, if a webdav-aware sync tool is used.


i think that as well. But i think the main problem is that this isn’t that obvious for other users and most seems to be not aware of this behavior / design. :slightly_frowning_face:

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@dmitry I use docker installation of owncloud.
When I try your command it tell me couldn’t find occ.


maybe the documentation on the occ command available here helps you to understand how to run the occ command: