Files created by an app through 'occ' placed under data/var/ instead of data/


I am using an owncloud app (not publically available) that generates some files and stores them using owncloud’s internal storage mechanism ($storage->newFile('somefile.json')) when called via occ. The files are all created under data/var/ in this case. Now when these files are read again from the web frontend using the same storage mechanism ($storage->get('somefile.json')), it tries to find these files directly under data/, not data/var/, which fails, of course.

I have no clue why this is happening, but it seems to be system-dependant, as there are setups where this doesn’t happen (all using owncloud 10.4). I am using Ubuntu 20.4, while the others all use CentOS 7 (I think).

Does anybody have an idea what might be causing this?

Can you elaborate what you mean by this? A custom App?

It is a custom owncloud app that has been written for us internally, yes. The original creator is no longer working for us, so I was handed over the project, and when I tried to run it, above problem arose. From looking at his code, I saw that he is using basically the same method to store and read some files, so it at least looks like it should work – and it does so on some other systems. The big question is, why doesn’t it work on all

Okay, since it’s not the official ownCloud app / server but something that was changed, I doubt you find someone here who can help you.

If it’s important for your operation you could contact ownCloud official Sales department or Pre Sales and discuss if you can arrange a solution for your company.

I doubt that you will find someone with the exact same app as you or a developer who is has deep knowledge and get support here. I might be wrong.

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