Files on server lost, how to resync?


On my Onwlcoud-Server, the hard disk crashed, files are lost. I do have a daily backup of the installation (php files) and the MySQL Database. But I do not have a backup of the users files. These files exist on the users local computers (synced by owncloud-client).

How can a "resync" from the clients to the owncloud-server happen, so files on the local computers will not be deleted at the clients?

I tried with one account, but the files are not being identified as changed or to be uploaded to the server.

Thanks for any help!


In the meantime, I had to do a fresh-install, setup all users again and have them sync their files.


Hi validom,

For the next time consider that you could use the occ maintenance:data-fingerprint command to update the systems data-fingerprint after a backup is restored.

This will tell to desktop and mobile clients that a server backup has been restored: this command changes the ETag for all files in the communication with sync clients, informing them that one or more files were modified. After the command completes, users will be prompted to resolve any conflicts between newer and older file versions:

Anyway I hope there will not be "a next time" as it would probably mean you had again to recover from some kind of failure :slight_smile: