Folder sync used in another connection

Hi! I updated owncloud to 2.11.1 version and when trying to add the desktop folder to sync I’m getting this message:
“Warning: the folder \Users\sandra\desktop is used in a folder sync connection! please pick another one!” My computer is macOS Mojave (10.14.6)
How should I fix it?
I am not very handy using terminal, so detailed instructions will be appreciated.

Many thanks!

Check here:
Desktop Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :: ownCloud Documentation

Thanks! but how can I know if these files are there: “.sync#HASH.db” or “.sync_#HASH.db” “sync_journal.db”, and in which folder? can I access them without using the terminal? or what should I type in the terminal to access and delete it…? apologies, I do not know programming language.
Many thanks!

  1. Open the Sync Folder where you want to display the hidden files in the Finder.
  2. Hold down the Command, Shift and Period keys: cmd + shift + [.]
  3. The hidden files and folders on your Mac will then appear partially transparent.
  4. You can hide the files again using the same keyboard shortcut.

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