Full text search on OwnCloud 9.1



Hello guys,

I installed owncloud 9.1 and am trying it and it works fine .

I searched the word "share" in the search field and I had no results . This word is present in one of the sample files.
The full text search function is present in this version of ownCloud ? Should I install some extensions to do it?


How to enable Full text Search


there is no fulltext search in oC 9.1. The app providing this functionality wasn't updated for oC 8.2+:


How to enable Full text Search

Thank's for your reply.

I installed the apps and it works, but when i click on the result the server shows the following error:

Not Found
The requested URL /owncloud/files/index.php was not found on this server.

The path seems wrong.

Have you some idea to solve the error?



As already written: The app is not compatible with current oC versions. You need to wait until some one is releasing a compatible version.

Closing here for now as the needed info was already provided.

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Re-opening here. Just stumbled over a new app which seems to provide fulltext search for oC 9.1+ together with Apache Solr (needs to be installed separately):



The ownCloud company is also offering Full Text Search together with ElasticSearch as a Consulting project for Enterprise customers. https://owncloud.com/successful-owncloud-consulting-projects/
Considering full integration once the API is ready, so Desktop and Mobile Apps can also benefit from it.


If it can be of any help, I have stumbled across this situation myself and solved with few lines of coding.

The issue is that lucene generates this type of url:


and OC wants this:


This is what I did:

open this file:


and overwrite the public function __construct(QueryHit $hit) with these lines:

public function __construct(QueryHit $hit) {
		$this->id = (string)$hit->fileId;
		$this->path = $this->getRelativePath($hit->path);
		$this->name = basename($this->path);
		$this->size = (int)$hit->size;
		$this->score = $hit->score;
		$this->link = \OCP\Util::linkToAbsolute(
		$this->permissions = $this->getPermissions($this->path);
		$this->modified = (int)$hit->mtime;
		$this->mime_type = $hit->mimetype;

After you've saved it, perform a search and click on any file the search has provided and it will work.

Hope it helps.



thanks for posting this. Could you create a Pull Request with the fix on github at:


so anyone can benefit from this? Thanks.


Thanks, done it just now.