Functions I need to add




I've been asked to look around if we could do 2 things with owncloud, so I thought maybe something similar already exists or I could use it as a base.
Those 2 things are:
- can we create an event on a mail account (like outlook) and send it to a specific mail so that owncloud can receive it and can add the event to the corresponding agenda?
- can we use an API to make an HTML page on which one you can access all the agenda (with an hard user possessing basic rights) showing and entire month starting at t0 (today)? And when clicking on an event, redirect to a login page to see if the user has the right to access the event's informations?

Thanks in advance for the answers.



the main question to be able to answer this is:

Are you able to do PHP coding on your own?

If the answer is "yes":

Yes, everything is possible in ownCloud and you need to dig into the ownCloud source code and app development topic to implement this functionality.

If the answer is "no":

No, both functionalities doesn't exist in ownCloud and some one would need to implement these.


I just started learning PhP to help in the company where I'm doing an internship, I don't really know if it's doable with basic knowledge but I'll have a look, thanks!



after a second thought an addition to this:

This could be possible without PHP coding and with external scripts:

  1. Via an external script watch a mailbox for incoming mails containing an event
  2. Parse the mail and get the event from it
  3. Via an external script push that event to a specific calendar in ownCloud (see e.g. for more info)


Thans you, I'm gonna check out this :slight_smile: