Geo distributed high availability deployment?

My initial tests with OCIS on a local server prove that it is indeed snappy. What I’m trying to determine is if it can be deployed in a distributed fashion across data centers. In my case I’m looking at 2 or 3 “offices”, each in a different city. I’d like all data to be replicated to all sites AND users at each site can log into the instance nearest them (and on the local lan if they are at an office) for the best experience (latency, throughput etc). It’s clear that Infinite Scale can be distributed across kubernetes but can it be distributed across WAN?
If so, what might be the best way to set this up?

btw, I’m setting up an S3 style object storage system that will automatically replicate the object storage at each site. It seems that I would also need a way to replicate the meta data OCIS stores on posix (while using object storage for primary storage). But are there issues with file locking etc? Since there is no database, it would seem that this is even more important. ?