Getting calendar data. Responce code 501 "Not Implemented"



I have a problem getting calendar info for my user.
I following instructions from here
When I'm using method REPORT the server returns error
"Request failed: method not allowed (405)".

In the headers about allowed methods server returns the next info:
a list of the target resource's currently supported methods" Allow = "GET,HEAD,POST,OPTIONS"
But when I'm trying use POST method the server returns error
"501 Not Implemented".
Link to my request/response -

Could anyone help me to find the required method or parameters?
Please check the attached screens with requests and responses.



Why are you posting a coding issue in the "Feature Requests" category? :slight_smile:

To your issue:

  1. I highly doubt that POST is the correct method to use if you want to get data.
  2. If you get a method not allowed (405) your server is misconfigured and doesn't allow the method you're trying to use