Getting 'timed out error' while installing owncloud client software on client side

We are getting 'timed out' while installing Own Cloud agent / client software on client side. after giving Own Cloud server hostname / Ip address in Server address bar it should navigate to login page but it is showing timed out error.

Then it is resolved only after restarting web server, and we are now supposed to restart the web server several times. Please provide us correct solution for this issue.

Which client OS?
Which client version/package did you use?
Does it work in the web browser when browsing from same machine?

Hi Guruz,

Client OS is Windows 7 (32&64 Bit), Windows8 and WIndows 10.

Client version is 2.2.4 and owncloud version is 9.1.4

yes it is working with web browser from same machine.

This is weird, if it works after a web server restart then it sounds like a setup/network issue?

In any case, can you try the 2.3.2 client instead?

Yes it works after restarting the web server.

Sure will try 2.3.2 client.

Tried 2.3.2 version, but still timed out problem exist. is there any way to solve this ?

Sorry, really no idea. It must be related to your setup.
Did you try to check owncloud.log and any log files from the web server, e.g. error.log or any php-fpm.log?