Google drive help


I’m new to owncloud.
how do I connect owncloud and google drive?
the manual didn’t helped me.
I’m using owncloud via virtualbox because I wanted to run it in windows home server.



i think you need to first help other users so that they can help you. Maybe you can give some more details on your issue:

  1. Why isn’t the manual not helping you?
  2. What issue are you exactly facing?
  3. What have you done so far to connect ownCloud and google drive?
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Hello Tom42

when I follow the manual, I still keep getting error 400 of google.
I followed the manual exactly and did all of the steps.
when I give the client ID and the other part in, it still doesn’t connect to google drive.

I also viewed a youtube movie from a german person and still nothing.

I also tried to build a owncloud via my domain name but there’s the issue that I cannot add users, what I could do with my owncloud on my local pc.