Grant access to subfolders



My folder structure is like this:

  • Folder 1
    • Subfolder
    • Subfolder II
  • Folder 2
  • Folder 3
    • Subfolder

If I share Folder 1 with a group, all the subfolders are accessible to them. If I share Subfolder II only, users see "Subfolder II" in their files. However, I want them to see Folder 1 and if they open Folder 1, they can see Subfolder II. Why that? Because, as you can see in the example given above, if I share Subfolder from Folder 1 and from Folder 3, the users see "Subfolder" and "Subfolder (1)" in their files. Is there a way I missed?




different permissions for subfolders are currently not possible as discussed a few hours before in: