How add hard drive external local


How can i add my external hard drive to my Owncloud 10.0.7?

I find and modify this:

'files_external_allow_create_new_local' => 'true',

so now I have the local option, but when I put the path "/ dev / sda1" it does not work, nothing is displayed, my SD card is not displayed too.

Have I forgotten something?


i don't think that you can put a path like /dev/sda1 into that input box. From what i know that is a special device on linux which needs to be mounted on your filesystem first before ownCloud is able to access it.

thank you for the answer. So how can I add a hard drive that can be recognized in Owncloud? By putting it in a folder?

I think "mounting" the hard drive first would be the correct way to make the drive known to the operating system and to ownCloud.