How can I access and backup the files that the users of my owncloud database stored?

I managed to install owncloud some years ago in a mysql db at an ISP for a former club of mine.
The other club members worked well with it. Now they experienced trouble ( they were automatically logged out 20s after successfully login into the web-interface).

So I decided to do the pre-work for an update to a newer version.
The Menu of my ISP allowed me to do a backup.dump, I did that.
And I changed the passwort for the database.

No I have trouble: the cloud itself is not accessible via the http-interface - error message :“Exception occurred while logging exception: Failed to connect to the database: An exception occured in driver: SQLSTATE[HY000] [1045] Access denied for user …”

And I have only the dump of the db-tables. But not the user-created and stored files
The files are the most important

How can I access and download all the user files in the storage of the database?
With oc_share in phpMyAdmin I can see the files, and I can also identify the folder.

What kind of tool is needed to be able to backup them on my local computer?

Sorry for this newbie question -

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OK - I found the data on the ftp - puuuh …

What is the best way to do an upgrade to a newer version of owncloud now?

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The best way is to follow the manual upgrade steps in the documentation:

Do you have SSH access to the system to perform this?

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