How include disk

I need to include a disk but need to stay in the root directory .
Can someone help me?

Please take some time and explain what you want to achieve. I think from this (from my PoV way too short) text its not really clear what you're looking for.

You have two external storages, what do you expect to happen or what is not working?

I include this esternal storage but when i try upload files show with "you dont have permission to upload or created files here

Your webserver probably doesn't have enough permissions. First, you must be able to read it, check with:

sudo -u www-data ls -lisah /mnt/dados

(www-data is the apache user in debian/ubuntu).

If the disk uses a linux file system, you can just use chmod and chown to fix the permissions. On a NTFS storage, you have to put this into the mount-options in /etc/fstab