How often does OC index the files in user accounts

If I paste a file in to a user account directly, rather than using the desktop client. how long will it take before the user will be albe to see it using web login?

If i use an FTP client to sync the 'DATA' directory (on a cPanel hosted server) with PC.

Please read the FAQ:


i need to sync the entire DATA directory with my PC

I was hoping this would work.

Have you any ideas how i can do it

You will need to run a file scan in order to have your files show up in this case. So they will show up whenever that has run through ...

Sorry I don't know what you mean.

We use the DATA directory as a normal Windows folder and save documents direct to the various user folders.

I need to make sure that
1. Each user can see what we've put in their folder.
2. We can see and use what they've put in their folder.

When I use the OC Desktop Client I have to login to each user account to create the sync. I'm trying to sync the DATA and all sub-folders.
shows the file scan commands. Whenever you put something directly in a data strucutre of a user this is what you need to run to update the file cache.
Normally we recommend to always work through ownCloud and avoid other means of putting files in there ...
For SMB and with Enterprise Edition there is an automated file notifier ...

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So if I understand this correctly I'll run my FTP program to sync my PC with my DATA directory on the server. Then I'll run the OCC - FILESCAN on the server to update the file cache.

Can I set OCC - FILESCAN to run automatically?
How often is it safe to run it?

Also I have no idea how to write PHP or how it works/runs. can you point me to somewhere like a dummies guide or something.

Yes. With a cron job you can have it run automatically.
(Background jobs
It depends on the number of files in the data directory and the performance of storage and network.
You should not run it more often then it needs to finish ... No PHP just Linux Admin skills needed.
For a sync the Desktop Client would be better and recommended, but I guess you have reasons why you want to use a FTP Client ...

I'm happy to use the desktop client, but we currently have around 300 users and I can't find out how many user accounts I can add to it.

Also we'll have to add every new user account to it manually, unless there is a way to automate it.

The file scan it is then I would say ...


I may be asking a lot, but can you walk me through setting it up. pretend I'm stupid (which is easy to do)

I've seen Cron, but have no idea what it is. or Ajax for that matter.