How to access OwnCloud on Appliance from outside Local Network

I have installed owncloud on my pc ( Appliance ), everything is working fine, My problem is I want to access my cloud from outside, but I don’t know how, I searched on Google about Port-Forwarding, but I don’t know which port to forward. I do not understand much of coding. Please Help! Thanks in Advance!!!

I have never done portforwarding, but my 2 cents:

my coworker said that it depends on your router. ownCloud uses the ports 80 and 443 in the default configuration; so you should forward them, I guess.

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Thanks, but how, or should I forward to 80 or from 80?

Port forwarding is neither new nor is it difficult. I would just google your question and follow the guide that is written for your router.

I would be glad to help you on an ownCloud related question, but this is a standard networking question that one can find the solution by himself.

I am google-ing it since two days, and till now I didn’t get an answer.

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Okay, you have the appliance installed on your local computer as a VM.

Question: Do you have a public ipv4 address at your home?

Most of recent internet home connections use a ipv6 tunneling.

Yes I think I have… You mean that one that I get when google it?
P.S. Thank you very much in advice.

Okay, what router do you have?

if you go here, and click on the button, you will see your IP

If it’s a IPv4 then it will look like
If you have a IPv6 it will look like 2001:0db8:85a3:08d3:1319:8a2e:0370:7344

Sagemcom Fast 2704N ……….

My IPv6 was not detected…

I found this post. Can you read it and if you still have questions I will try to help:

Sorry, but I didn’t understand… here is my router page:

1: should I put my local IP Address of the Server (

2,3,4,5 Which Port should I put?

You need to expose your port 80, this is the port on which the appliance and ownCloud is running.

Can you try to let everything empty except for the internal port?


I can, at the end of Internal Port it says NaN… Then Save?

When I tried Save, the Site says: Require Both external and Internal port range start/end

okay, can you try 80-8080 at both fields?

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And how to access it?

start = 80
end = 8080

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How can I Access it Now?

Usually the port 80 is used when you enter the IP address in the browser.

Problem is now that if you do that while being connected to your router and being in the local network, you won’t achive the expected results.

What you have to do is switch to another network, for example open a hotspot with your phone and enter your external public IP there.

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