How to check the quality and resolution of the adressbook contact photos

I would like to check the picture quality of the contacts stored in the addressbook in order to see if syncs with Android and desktop clients corrupt the resolution/size.

The web-interface shows only a thumbnail of the picture and has an option to upload pictures, but not to download pictures.

If I download the vcf-File, the picture is ASCII-encoded within and cannot be read/imported by vcf-Viewers, s.a windows contacts or thunderbird addressbook. And I am not sure, if the embedded picture has still the original resolution...

Can anybody help?

OwnCloud Version: 10.0.4
(I hope this is the right forum category for my post)

There is a 1MB limit on avatars uploaded, if its under that the result is used and the contact is synced with the server. Checkout the relevant code here

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Thanks, tomneedham, for the remark regarding the upload limit, this limit is suffient high, so my pics will not be downsampled.

But I fear that the avatar pictures will be resampled AFTER uploading - due to forth and back syncs in the different clients acessing the owncloud contacts (mobile/desktop). For example, in the past some of my 320x320 pics were downsampled to 96x96 resolution - probably due to syncs with google or the Android contacts App. That's why I'd like to check if the avatars quality stays the same after doing some contact editing on theconnected clients.

Is there an easy way to monitor the avatar size or download the avatar?