How to count the number of users on my OC?

Is there any way to find out the number of registered users on my OC?
The users page shows the list, but doesn’t show the number in that list.

You can download a config report, right after the basic section you should see the following:

    "stats": {
        "users": {
            "Database": {
                "count": 3,
                "seen": 3,
                "logged in (30 days)": 3
        "groups": {
            "OC\\Group\\Database": 1

You could run the following occ command:

occ user:list

This will output all users, to count them run the following:

occ user:list | wc -l

You could run the following SQL statement:
SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT(id)) AS user_count FROM oc_accounts;

As you see there are heaps of options, have a read in the docs and the forums.