How to create a group

How can we create a group and assign a quota to the group.
Then create a user and add that user as a group admin to that group.

I am new here so please help
I am using

Which is creating user already when signup but i need a group as well and that group needs to assign a default quota and after that the user which registers needs to be added to that group as an admin of that group.

In the registration app you can define a group the new user should be assigned to.

You can’t assign quotas to groups, but you could just adjust the global default quota to your needs.
Then when you move the user to another group you can give them a new quota.

Just a word of warning, the registration app from pellaeon is not very well maintained unfortunately.

I don’t think it is a good idea to make any user that registers a group admin automatically. But you’ll have to decide that, anyway I don’t think this is possible right now.

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